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United Way of Pullman
Pullman, Washington, &
the Whitman County Area

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Serving Our Community Since 1929

United Way of Pullman
SEL employees have big smiles after raising funds for the United Way of Pullman campaign.

United Way of Pullman is a voluntary non-profit organization supporting a local network of 17 social service, youth and health agencies helping people who live and work in Pullman and Whitman County.

Campaign 2013 aims to raise $200,000 with the help of generous contributions from local individuals, companies, especially Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, and employees of government agencies and Washington State University through the Combined Fund Drive. We aim to come closer than ever before to meeting our agencies' needs.

To learn how your contributions make a big difference in Pullman and Whitman County, please click on links below to our 17 agencies and to the page "Where your gifts go." For each person helped, our whole community is strengthened. That's what it means to Live United!

Pullman's United Way welcomes your support for our community and our member agencies all year round.  To volunteer your time and talents, please call or email to Sandra Woodrow, United Way of Pullman Executive Director.

Join Campaign 2013 today by sending a check or pledge along with our donation form that you can print, complete and mail to the address shown. Or donate online.

Thank you!!!

Funds raised each year during our annual fall campaign are allocated to these 17 member agencies that meet critical needs in our community. We are the best way to reach the most people. United Way is our Palouse region safety net. We put your money where you want it to go—to help those who need it most.

Save the Date:

Family Fair LMS April 26, 2014

Campaign 2013 is now underway. Please support your community -  
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Get to know our
17 agencies here.


Mailing Address
PO Box 426
Pullman, WA 99163-0426

Phone Number
(509) 332-3691

Street Address
254 E Main St

Suite 225
Pullman, WA 99163

E-mail Address

star-red.gif (874 bytes) To tell us your pledge, please use our email address above or  use our donation form
or call us at the United Way office, 332-3691. Thank you!



Their services vary as the needs do and include:
  food banks and temporary shelter,
   emergency and disaster assistance,
   youth programs,
   early learning services and child care for low income families,
   services for the elderly and disabled, and
  abuse prevention and treatment.

We invite you to learn more about the United Way of Pullman:

United Way of
Pullman Agencies

Where Your
Gifts Go

Allocation Process and
Current Allocations

History of the
United Way of Pullman

Board of Directors
& Executive Director

Red Feather
Award Winners

United Ways
of Washington

United Way

With your help, the United
Way of Pullman
met its
>2012 goal of $200,000
> 2011 goal of $190,000

> 2010 goal of $180,000
> 2009 goal of $180,000
> 2008 goal of $165,000.

> 2007 goal of $155,000.
> 2006 goal of $145,000.

Thank you for making all that possible! Our 17 agencies are counting on your generous support again this years.

Campaign 2005
raised $135,000.

Campaign 2004
raised $132,000.

Campaign 2003
raised $130,000.

Campaign 2002
raised $130,000.

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